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Services Provided by Learn About Green LLC

Owner's Representative

Guide and represent the owner's interests throughout the design and building of the home, and throughout home ownership.

Building Inspections and Verifications

Verify whether the home was built as designed throughout the building process.

Building Certifications

Consulting, Design Charrettes, and Ratings

NAHB Green Homes
Enterprise Green Communities Homes
Energy Star 3 Homes

Home Energy Ratings

Ratings for Energy Efficient Mortages (EEM), home energy improvements, and verifications


Building Health and Safety

Check home for combustion gases, mold, water intrusion, air quality, etc.

BPI Analysis


Pictures taken with an infrared camera to check for insulation, air and water intrusion, and dangerous electrical situations.

Thermography Analysis

Foam Insulation Inspection

Inspection of the foam insulation to verify correct installation.

SPFA Building Envelope Inspection

Training and Speaking

Individual and class training on green building techniques, Energy Star, and LEED - for home owners, architects, contractors, builders, and HVAC professionals.

Green Advantage Training

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