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We've invested in the right equipment to do the best job possible...
blower door system Blower Door System 
Pulls air out of the home to determine the amount of air leaking into the home.
duct tester Duct Testing System 
Calculates the amount of leakage in the heating and cooling duct system.
large fog machine Large Fog Machine
Creates fog to put in the duct system to determine the location of leaks.
small fog machine Small Fog Machine 
Creates fog to more easily show air leaks and determine their source.
LEED Rater logo Thermal Camera 
Takes pictures using different colors to indicate hot or cold areas.  Used to diagnose insulation problems and water leaks. Enhanced effects are seen when the thermal camera is used with the blower door.
LEED Rater logo Spot Thermometer 
Used to determine the temperature difference between areas.
LEED Rater logo Combustion Gas Analyzer 
Used to determine the presence of unwanted gases and gas leaks.
LEED Rater logo Carbon Monoxide Detector
Used by the technician for personal safety.  Carbon Monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, usually from poorly adjusted or unvented appliances.
LEED Rater logo Thermometer 
Used to test temperature, especially for heating and cooling equipment tests.  
LEED Rater logo Gauges 
Used to test pressures in an air conditioning, hydronic, or geothermal system.
LEED Rater logo Combustion Gas Analyser 
Checks for leaks in gas pipes.
LEED Rater logo Combustion Analyzer 
Used to check the operation of a gas furnace, hot water heater, and stove.
LEED Rater logo Moisture Sensor 
Used to verify the dampness of materials to assist in detecting water leaks.
LEED Rater logo Ground Fault Detector 
Determines the operability and polarity of an electrical outlet.
LEED Rater logo Voltage Detector 
Used to determine if there is voltage present in an electrical wire.
LEED Rater logo Vane Anemometor 
Tests air flow.  Used to determine if the heating and cooling system is correctly balanced for comfort and if the fan speeds are sufficient for the bath and kitchen fans.
LEED Rater logo Watt Meter 
Shows how much electricity a device is using.
LEED Rater logo Short Measuring Tape 
Used to measure rooms.
LEED Rater logo Long Measuring Tape 
Used to measure the exterior of a home.
LEED Rater logo Electronic Measuring Device 
Used to quickly and accurately measure distances and angles.
LEED Rater logo Video Camera 
Used to document conditions of a home.
LEED Rater logo Ladder 
Used for climbing.  Allows a technician to see additional locations.
LEED Rater logo Head Light 
Worn on the technicians head to provide hands-free light.
LEED Rater logo Flashlights 
Provides light when checking model numbers on equipment and defects in darker locations.
LEED Rater logo Many Additional Small Tools 
You never know what you'll run into, or how difficult it will be to look inside equipment!
Notebook Computer and Software Computers and Software 
A computer and specialized software are used onsite and back at the office for analaysis and reports.

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